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A brief introduction to Ozone HR Services Founded in early 2014 Ozone HR Services is a multi-functional, multi-faculty, cross industry human resource procurement services company head quartered in Mumbai, India. Our competencies and expertise span the entire cross section of functions & industries. The Ozone group has interests in recruitment, The core delivery team at Ozone is based out of Mumbai India.
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We’re aiming to achieve complete process automation. To be number one preferred vendor with all our clients. To service all requirements which are on priority. To cater to all domains. To have an offices in every state city covering the North, East, West and South by Jan 2020. Ozone HR Services is owned and managed by Firoz Shaikh. Our objective is to develop successful partnerships based on common goals.       Click to Read More
Ozone HR Services are centered on the human procurement competencies that our staff excels in.
Our service practices change and evolve as the trends in our target industries change, yet our portfolio
Has remained constant, so far. We provide our customers the following services:
Executive Search, Recruitment Consulting, bulk hiring.
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